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The Island of Ugljan

The island of Ugljan is settled in the Zadar archipelago and it is the closest island to the city of Zadar.

Stony and sand beaches, clean and clear sea, various options of accommodation, an authentic gastronomic experience are only some of the reasons to visit and stay on this island. People who like Mediterranean scenery can enjoy unforgettable panoramas, especially the one from the Venetian fortress of St. Michael (13th century).

The island of Ugljan is rich in cultural heritage. On the island you can visit an early Christian basilica built in the 5th century, the monastery of St. Jerome from the 15th century and the villa Rustica built in the 1st century.

The cuisine on Ugljan does not lag behind the best Croatian restaurants, therefore you can try all the Dalmatian specialities on Ugljan: prosciutto, olive oil, fresh fish, crab and shellfish.