Apartmani Stipe


Velebit is the longest mountain in Croatia, but it is not the tallest. The Vagan peak is the highest peak of Velebit at 1,757 m. It is the fourth tallest mountain peak in Croatia. The view from such a height is breathtaking.

Northern Velebit has been protected as a national park due to diverse karst phenomena and its animal and plant life. The Velebit degenia and the Croatian sibiraea are endemic plants which you can find only on Velebit. The National Park has numerous hiking trails so that you can infinitely enjoy hiking and exploring Velebit.

Velebit has yet another spectacular feature – Lukina Jama (a cave). Lukina Jama is the deepest cave in Croatia and the 14th deepest in the world, with a depth of 1,431 m.