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Zadar needs no special introduction. Settled in the heart of the Adriatic, surrounded by islands, national parks, famous for rich history, exceptional cuisine and excellent traffic connection, Zadar is a tourist attraction you have to visit. European Best Destinations was justified in proclaiming Zadar to be the best European destination.

The Zadar Tourist Board has prepared a mobile app secretzadarapp, which will reveal interesting facts from Zadar’s rich history.

The Church of St. Donatus

The Church of St. Donatus is the symbol of Zadar and the most famous monumental building in Croatia from the early Middle Ages (9th century). Due to its distinctive cylindrical shape and monumentality, this building belongs to the most famous and most significant European pre-Romanesque churches.

The Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun

zadar4The Sea Organ and Monument to the Sun are new attractions which delight visitors in Zadar. The Sea Organ is a unique blend of human skills and creativity. With every wave, the sea pushes air through pipes installed in the steps, and creates an endless concert of mystical tones.